Fat Baby Image

fat baby image

  • render visible, as by means of MRI

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fat baby image - Knife in

Knife in the Water (The Criterion Collection)

Knife in the Water (The Criterion Collection)


This simple but taut psychological thriller was the first full-length film from the great director Roman Polanski. A bickering couple pick up a hitchhiker, a good-looking young man whom they invite to go for a sail. But on the water the two men, separated by age, class, and experience, subtly and not-so-subtly jockey for status and fight for the attentions of the woman--a struggle that threatens to turn fatal. In Polanski's hands, this lean, spare movie, without any special effects or spectacular scenery, manages to lay bare the driving forces of machismo, envy, and marital spite. It's the beginning of a truly remarkable career that's ranged from the heights of Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown to the more dubious realms of Bitter Moon and The Ninth Gate. Knife in the Water is particularly significant to Polanski fans, but also a striking movie in its own right. --Bret Fetzer

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The baby seal enjoys the cool freedom of the grass for a few moments.
We doubt he was actually orphaned or abandoned; humans have a funny way of intervening at times. He was fat, healthy, and energetic; abandoned pups generally don't display those qualities.
In any case, the family thought he would be an ideal "first pet" for their 13 year old. It wasn't until the pup stopped eating what(ever) they were feeding him that they contacted the shelter. He was brought to Prince Rupert by plane. Chad & I took him to the vet clinic for initial treatment, then to the shelter where he will spend the night. Tomorrow morning, we'll pick him up, and take him to the Air Canada flight which will take him to the shelter on Salt Spring Island that specializes in marine life.



Ok, I'm entirely unsure why it's uploaded with blue. It's not blue. It's bright freakin red. Photoshop says it's red. Corel says it's red. Opencanvas says it's red. Arcsoft says it's red. Even fucking ms paint says it's red.

fat baby image

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