Baby Rocking Chair Pads

baby rocking chair pads

    rocking chair
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baby rocking chair pads - Greendale Home

Greendale Home Fashions Standard Rocking Chair Cushion Hyatt fabric, Cream

Greendale Home Fashions Standard Rocking Chair Cushion Hyatt fabric, Cream

Solid color rocking chair cushion set. 100-Percent nylon microfiber fabric. This rocker cushion set is fully reversible. Set consists of two cushions; 1 seat cushion (17-Inch W by 15-Inch D) and 1 back cushion (17-Inch W by 22-Inch H). Cushion sets are 3-Inch thick. Cushions have a boxed, corded edge trim and 4 circle tacks. String ties are attached to the backs of both cushions. The rocker cushions are fully tufted and filled with 100-Percent polyester fiberfill. Home furnishings for indoor use.· Spot clean only. Made in the USA. (Cushions are + or – 1-1/2-Inch )

87% (15)

Baby Room Inspiration Board

Baby Room Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board for Ava's room!
(explanations go left to right)

1) Were opting for a mini-crib instead of a regular. I've had friends who have used them and saw great reveiws online. Most people (including my friends) said that it worked until they hit 18-24 months. I'm not opposed to putting her in a little toddler bed at that age either, so I'm good with those options.

2) The crib bedding I wanna get!

3) I want to do splashes of yellow (with the gray). So I'll be looking for crib blankets like these

4) The colors and the birds. *sigh* its just so dang lovely. I want it (bad!) but its $54 on Etsy, so I might try to DIY it.

5) I have a honey colored wood rocking chair that were going to be using. The inlaws wanted to buy us a glider, but I wanted to use my rocking chair, so they're buying these pads. I also have a footstool that I will be recovering in a gray (not sure yet) fabric.

6)cute little cloud stuffed play thing

7, 8 & 9) are all pieces of art off Etsy that I love. My brother is a great artist, so I might have him try to recreate 8).

10) rain cloud mobile out of my inspiration room. I already made this and LOVE it! The fluffy white clouds and bright raindrops are so cute.

11) Cute little vinyl bird stickers. Only like $3.50 on Etsy, so I'm buying them and using them somewhere!

12, 13 & 14) I'm a sucker for cute brass animals. I scored a few at Goodwill. I got a duck, a little bird and a deer for now. But I love love love the little duck family. I might have to buy that too (from Etsy. Can you tell I'm addicted to it?)

15-20) are all pictures from my inspiration room. I'll be buying the Ikea 4 unit storage as well as making the window cornice/valinces. I also have a creamy white dresser that we will be using for a changing table. I love how yellow & gray are the main colors, but she uses such a rainbow of colors in the room as well. Its perfectly mismatched, which is just my style. The room is for a little boy, so I'll probably have a little bit more "girly" type things in there as well. Here is the link the gal's blog of the nursery transformation: B-Line Blog (Nursery Reveal)

meitai 1

meitai 1

Another one I made at home (handsewn).

I used a blue gingham changing pad for the body (you can see the top part of it flapped down at the top), and a pair of blue-striped linen pants for a cover, as well as my ubiquitous cloud fabric for the straps. It's not done yet, but all the load-bearing structures are in place. It's lucky you can't see the stitches, because I did a lot of them in the dark in a rocking chair in ten-minute increments.

Here Limelet is oversleeping instead of waking up.

baby rocking chair pads

baby rocking chair pads

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Rocking Chair, Natural

Lakeland mills cedar log rocking chair fits in with almost any decor and adds that sense of a simpler life.

This extremely sturdy cedar rocking chair invites you to grab a glass of iced tea and relax on your porch. It has an appealing design similar to popular Adirondack chairs and, with its wide seat, is more comfortable than your typical cedar chair. Plus, unlike other rockers, the rocking motion of this one is controlled: when your feet stop going, so does the chair. It takes about one hour to assemble with a screwdriver, hammer, and wrenches; we also suggest sanding this piece, especially if you'll be wearing shorts on those hot summer days. If you're looking to beautify your porch or patio with a complete cedar furniture set, check out the matching Lakeland Mills cedar tete-a-tete, glider, and log swing.

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